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What is a Butt Lifter and How do They Work?

  • 18 Sep 2020

What Is a Butt Lifter?

A butt lifter is a foundational garment known in today's fashion world as shapewear. This exciting piece of undergarment is extremely popular with women who need to have a sexier rounded butt under their favorite outfit. Like most foundation garments worn today the butt lifter offers instant results to those women who often for genetic reasons are less endowed with a perky butt. 

How do Butt Lifters Work?

The natural shape of the body can be lost due to a number of reasons such as weight gain or even the aging process. Butt lifters are designed to help the body maintain its natural definition by holding and lifting your butt to create a seamless rounded shape instantly. The process of lifting the butt with a butt lifter is very similar to the process of using a bra to lift the breast to create more cleavage. 

Butt lifters therefore tend to work better with those women who have bigger buttocks, or generally those women who have more fat to work with. 

Butt Lifter Reviews

Butt lifters are designed using various types of fabrics, cuts and stitching to add various levels of compression to achieve their lifting and shaping effect. Here is our butt lifter review of some of those butt lifter styles which carry two different buttock cheek designs. 

High Waist Butt Lifter with Butt Cutouts

These high waist butt lifters are made with cutouts on the buttocks this strange but affective design do an amazing job on your butt cheeks. This butt lifter is strategically design and constructed to allow it to collect your butt muscles in one place and lift them up using special fabrics. This style butt lifter simply gathers butt volume in all the right places creating a seamless perkier butt instantly. 

In addition, this butt lifter does not only lift your bottom but also shapes and flattens your tummy and waist section. The waistband has spiral steel bones which prevents it from rolling down keeping everything in place. Its seamless design makes it invisible underneath any type of clothing for an instant hourglass figure.  

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Full Body Shaper Buttock Lifter

This full body shaper buttock lifter suit sculpts your figure through the hips, waist and thighs while enhancing the rear in a subtle way. It is often made of compression material that controls fat deposits in in areas such as the back and waist. It also has stretchy high elastic fabric for the chest makes it suitable for any chest type. 

This butt lifter full bodysuit is designed with materials that lifts your butt, reduces your waistline and back bulge and provides comfort for a more flattering hourglass look. 

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Butt Enhancing Panties

Butt enhancing panties use tighter or more elastic fabric to gather butt volume to shape and lift it effectively. This style butt lifter offers the wearer complete coverage of the butt cheek and are made of lightweight fabric they show off your rear without making it flat. It is designed using different fabric strategically put in some section for better compression and lift.  

These stretchy butt lifter boy shorts instantly give you a buttock boost with covered rear mesh pattern that lift and mold your booty and a stretchy front that offers waist and tummy control naturally. 

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Padded Butt Lifter

This seamless padded butt lifter is designed for those women with flat buttocks and no hips. You can look your best with this amazing pre-shaped, control panty with butt pads. This natural looking padded panty is contoured & formed to resemble a realistic plump round bottom.  

The pads are design to show no lines under your clothing and it adds cushioned comfort while sitting. This lightweight nylon and polyester padded panty instantly add inches to your rear for a sexy shapely look. It is a must have in women's shapewear if you desire a fuller butt. 

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Butt Lifter Boy Shorts

Our Butt Lifter Boy Short is design with rear circular cut outs that instantly shapes and lifts your butt. While at the same time its stretchy front flattens and controls your lower abdomen.  This butt lifting panty is made from a blend of cotton, polyester and nylon. 

This butt lifter boy short is seamlessly designed to be invisible so it can be worn under any outfit to create a round perky looking butt. Please note that these Boy Shorts are designed on the small side, we highly recommend that you buy a size up when ordering. So, for example if you wear a medium you should get a large. 

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